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Fliegerclub Q'TAI FLY Austria
since 1995  /  ZVR Nr.: 621895060
email: [email protected]

Repülő Club Q'TAI FLY Hungary
since 2001 / Adószám: 18893177-1-18
email: [email protected]


flight operation - contact adress:

9671 Sitke, Kossuth u. 33, Hungary
phone/fax: +36-95-442298

mobile:   +36-30-500 5608
    (Deutsch, English)
 +36-70-619 6650
    (Magyar, Deutsch, English)

Airfield Sitke:  N 47°14.1' - E 17°01.6'


since 2000 partner of:

ASC Europe Wing         

             - established in 2005 -

Pilot Guide 2010
up2sky HUNGARY

Photo:   The Team Austria (Pilot Helmut Stern & Copilot Olivia Zechner) is crossing a turnpoint at the FAI World
Championships 2003
in Long Marston / England with a Sunflightcraft Air Chopper in the FAI aircraft
class Microlight RPL, also known as paratrike or ppw (powered para wing).
© stern-press 2003 (O. Zotter)

Remark:  Helmut Stern holds two current FAI World Records - flown with this aircraft in December 2003!